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Harvesting the power of the ocean


WAVEenergy AS, a company based at Aalgard 20 km south of Stavanger, Norway.

It was founded in April 2004 to develop the Seawave Slot-Cone generator (SSG) concept.

The SSG is a wave energy converter based on the wave overtopping principle utilizing a total of three reservoirs placed on top of each other, in which the potential energy of the incoming wave will be stored. The water captured in the reservoirs will then run through the multi-stage turbine for electricity production. The use of multiple reservoirs will result in a higher overall efficiency compared to a single reservoir structure.



As recently expressed by top European heads of state, the climate change is the biggest challenge that we are facing today. In the short term, the Kyoto protocol and the RES Directive promote the use of renewable energy sources (RES), and in the long term the decreasing reserves of fossil fuels will urge the use of RES. Wave energy is a renewable and pollution-free energy source that has the potential to contribute with 2,000 TWh/year of the world’s energy production. Sea waves have one of the highest energy densities among the RES.

Wave energy conversion is the energy of the future with expected high growth fates for many years to come.








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